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Travelling with Pets

The paw-rent’s guide to stress-free train journeys

To celebrate National Pet Day (11th April 2024) Lumo is taking the lead by offering pet owners some top travel tips that will keep tails wagging and ensure a purr-fect journey.  

1. Get your paws moving before departure 

Give your pet plenty of exercise before your train journey begins. Burning off excess energy will help your pooch or furry friend rest calmy throughout the trip. A big walk and some playtime outdoors will also help to reduce any accidents during the trip and allow your travel companion to fully relax on board.

2. Purr-fect planning

Travelling by rail isn’t something that most furry friends do regularly – and for some, it can be a completely new experience. 
If your pet hasn’t travelled by train before, consider trying them out on a shorter journey first to get them used to a travel environment. 

3. Bring the essentials for a smooth ride 

Remember to pack for your pet as well as yourself. A blanket, their favourite toy, water and plenty of treats can keep your canine companion happy on the journey.  But if you’re travelling by Lumo you can forget the water – simply ask one of our on-board ambassadors and they’ll be happy to serve a fresh bowl to the Rexs and Felixs of this world!

It’s also wise to consider bringing anything you may need if your pet does have an accident. But don’t worry, accidents happen and the Lumo team can also provide what you need on board.

4. Try not to overpack

When packing, remember you’ll need to have a good hand free to hold your dog’s lead or pet’s carrier. The less luggage you’re carrying or wheeling, the more control you’ll have to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort when getting on and off the train.

5. Paws, don’t panic!

Pets pick up on the emotions from their owners, so staying calm will help them relax and enjoy the journey. To ensure a smooth experience with cool cats and top dogs, set off in good time for your journey to avoid a last-minute rush, and give your pampered pooch or precious pet time to settle into position as they jump on board.

Ahead of travelling, here’s a reminder of Lumo’s policies if you’re planning to bring your pet onboard: 

  • Lumo’s furiendly Customer Experience ambassadors are on board to assist and ensure you and your pet have the best experience possible, so don’t hesitate to raise your paw on board with any pet-related questions.
  • Ideally dogs should travel under your seat and be clear of the aisle, if the seat next to you is free and you have a mat to protect it then your dog may sit next to you.
  • No matter how small, please don’t place your pets on tables, including seat back fold down tables
  • Dogs will need to be kept on leads and other small domestic animals must always travel in a fully enclosed basket that does not exceed 85 x 60 x 60 cm. Please bear in mind that we cannot make a seat reservation for animals (apart for assistance dogs).
  • Lumo provides water bowls and stool bags, please ask one of our colleagues who will be able to give you some.
  • To ensure we allow space for everybody, we ask that you bring no more than two large dogs on your journey.
  • For larger dogs, or in certain circumstances, you may be asked to move to the areas at the far end of the train where there is more floor space.
  • Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will make sure that areas where pets have been kept are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Where a rail replacement service is operated it may not be possible to convoy some animals, so please check with us prior to travel on our website or by contacting our Customer Experience team.
  • For further information, or for any pet-related queries, please visit our customer support page here.

Here’s to safe travels and celebrating the joy of companionship every day!