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Well, we always recommend you stay up to date with our live train times tool. This handy train planner lets you see if there have been any cancellations or delays, and which platform you need to head to, as well as all the stops on your route. Just input your departure and arrival station and your date and time of travel, and we will let you know the latest travel updates.

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our timetable

Check Lumo planned departure and arrival times currently available to book.

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plan your train journey

live train times

Check the status of your train with our live train times tracker.

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Train Engineering works

engineering works

Keep up to date with planned engineering works.

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On the day of travel

So, the bags are packed, the tickets are sorted, and you just want to kick back and enjoy the smoothest train journey possible.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, Lumo will let you know of any timetable changes and disruption via email as your departure date gets closer. We do still recommend consulting the journey checker and live train times tracker to double check your platform number, potential delays and arrival/departure times.

If you have the LumoGo app downloaded on your phone, you can track live train times, letting you track the real-time progress of your train. As well, with our route planner, you can find the best way to get from your front door to your destination.

We’ve also helpfully pulled together the average travel times for our most popular train destinations, below. 



Average Time

London to Newcastle

2h 54m

London to Morpeth

3h 9m

London to Edinburgh

4h 23m

Edinburgh to Morpeth

1h 13m

Edinburgh to Newcastle

1h 29m

Edinburgh to London

4h 28m

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Customer service is our core principle here at Lumo. We’re committed to ensuring that every guest can travel comfortably and safely – and this covers all passengers, from planning your journey to relaxing at your final destination.  

That’s also why assisted travel, mobility help, and accessible facilities come as standard on all our journeys. For more information on how we can help you plan your journey, you can read our guides and policies in our assisted travel section.

If you are booking train tickets in advance, all you need to do is search your train tickets, choose your preferred type of ticket (LumoFixed, LumoFlex, LumoAny), and we will show you all the train tickets that match your journey. 

Please note, luggage that exceeds these limits is carried at our discretion and you may be refused travel.  A charge will be levied for conveying additional items of luggage, or for excessively large or bulky items. This will not exceed half a full adult standard fare for the entire train route. Any luggage unsafely stored overheard and not according to the dimensions provided is stored at your own risk and is a risk to others' safety.

Please use our LumoLuggage Courier Service to transport your items to your final destination.