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delay repay

claim compensation on journeys delayed by 30 minutes or more.

If you experienced any disruption resulting in your service being cancelled and you did NOT travel, please claim a refund from your ticket retailer, if you purchased your ticket with Lumo go to our Refunds Portal.

If you used your ticket on alternative services incurring a delay on reaching your final destination, please use our Delay Repay Portal.

can I claim delay repay?

When your journey with us is delayed by 30 minutes or more, we’ll provide you Delay Repay compensation for the inconvenience that you have experienced. All ticket holders can apply for Delay Repay compensation through our Delay Repay Portal.

*A journey may include conveyance by other operators’ services or alternative transport as per our contingency plans where our services have been cancelled or delayed. These plans are advertised through journey check.

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automated delay repay

If you have purchased your ticket through our website and your train is delayed by 30 minutes or more, we'll process a claim for you automatically within 24 hours of your journey. You're eligible for Automated Delay Repay if you:
•    Booked an Advance ticket through or through the LumoGo app.
•    Made your journey including at least one leg travelling with us.
•    Previously registered to receive Auto Delay Repay using the same email address as used with your Lumo account.

non-automated delay repay

Customers with a combination of tickets for one journey will be compensated for their full journey if one of their tickets involves travel with us on a delayed service. Please ensure that you keep your paper tickets to submit them for compensation. 

We expect to provide a formal response to all applications within a month of receiving your claim and provide payment within 14 days of your claim being agreed (which may not be the same date as your claim being received), as per the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

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are there any exclusions?

If there are delays and cancellations, we will always try to tell you before you buy a ticket. Therefore, we do not normally accept a claim if you knew there was disruption, then purchased a ticket and travelled using that ticket.

In line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel, where Lumo is at fault, we will consider additional compensation for any losses or extra costs caused by the cancellation or delay to our services. Please complete the feedback form on our website if this is the case.


If the train you planned to catch is cancelled or significantly delayed, or your reservation will not be honoured, and as a result you decide not to travel, then you can return unused tickets to the original place of purchase for a refund in full within 28 days of the ticket’s expiry. The same applies if disruption prevents you from completing a journey that you have started, and you return to the starting point. Advance tickets also qualify for a refund in such cases. A full refund will be made without any administration fee.

When the claim is approved, compensation should be with you within the following 10-15 working days.

It’s your right to receive your compensation in the same way as you paid for your ticket, providing you submit your claim within 28 days of the date of travel. The full range of repayment options available through the online form are:

  • Electronic bank transfer (BACS)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cheque
  • Lumo Trains e-vouchers
  • Charity contribution to Action for Children

If you have a Season Ticket valid for travel on our trains, please include a copy of the ticket with your application and a copy of your photo ID card. Season Ticket holders should claim for delay repay with respect to each individual journey on which they are delayed and include details of the specific train on which they were travelling. 

Use the table below to calculate the Delay Repay Compensation you're entitled to. Divide the cost of your Season Ticket type over the number underneath delay times.

Season Ticket Type

30 to 59 Minutes

Above 60 Minutes














There are a number of reasons as to why a claim may be unsuccessful. The most common reasons are below.

  • The delay was less than 30 minutes
  • The same claim was submitted twice for the same journey
  • Incorrect journey details were provided
  • The claim was submitted outside of 28 days of travel
  • The ticket has already been claimed against
  • The journey was taken with a different train operator and your claim was referred to the operator responsible for the delay to respond to

If you wish to appeal against an unsuccessful claim, please email details of your appeal to us at

You can also submit a compensation claim by post. You can do this by downloading the online form and posting this to us at the below address.

Click here to download an online form.

Please send the completed form, along with the original ticket(s) and seat reservation(s) or full booking confirmation if held, as proof of your journey, to the Delay Repay team at the address*:


Applications must be made within 28 days of the date of the delay; any applications made outside of this will not be accepted.


*Important: this is a Freepost address so you must address the envelope exactly as indicated. Do not add any additional addresses. No stamp is required.

Delays under 30 minutes - no compensation is due.

Delays of 30 to 59 minutes - we will pay 50% of the cost of your single ticket or 25% of your return ticket.

Delays of one hour or more - we will pay the full cost of your single ticket or 50% of the cost of your return ticket.

Compensation is in line with our customer charter.

Our policy does not in any way limit or exclude your legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. 

Under the Consumer Rights Act, you may be able to claim extra compensation if you incur costs as a result of our failure to provide the expected service. If you think this applies to you, please get in touch with our Customer Services team and tell us what happened so we can look into it.  

We examine each claim on a case-by-case basis and aim to get back to you within 20 working days. For more information on the Consumer Rights Act and how it affects you, you can 
read more about it here.

Simply visit our Delay Repay portal and complete your claim within 28 days of travel. You can also log in or register on our Delay Repay portal so you can keep track of any previous claims. Make sure you claim with the correct train operator of the service you travelled on and experienced a delay.