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a great trip shouldn’t cost the earth
Here at Lumo we are doing our bit to better the environment and to better your journey. All our trains are 100% electric and 25 times cleaner than flying. And whether you’re using our fast and free-to-access wifi to browse LumoGo or work remotely, your time is 100% well-spent vs. driving and 40% more productive than the hassle of flying.
Travelling with Lumo vs Plane*

Carbon calculator London Edinburgh

*data shows percentage Co2e saved travelling by train when compared with plane.



Journey Distance (km) How many times more CO2eused (kg) vs. rail? CO2e saved (%)
Car Plane Car Plane
London King's Cross to Stevenage 44.3 x23 96%
London Kings Cross to Newcastle 431.7 x21 x27 95% 96%
London Kings Cross to Morpeth 458.5 x21 x25 95% 96%
London King's Cross to Edinburgh 631.6 x21 x22 95% 96%
Stevenage (Luton Airport) to Newcastle 387.4 x19 95%
Stevenage (Luton Airport) to Morpeth 414.1 x20 95%
Stevenage (Luton Airport) to Edinburgh 587.3 x20 x23 95% 96%
Newcastle to Morpeth 26.7 x24 96%
Newcastle to Edinburgh 199.9 x20 95%
Morpeth to Edinburgh 173.2 x20 95%


All data was derived for both FirstGroup Open Access Operators, Lumo and Hull Trains.

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blue is the new green

We are more than just a blue exterior, we are green at heart. We also want to make sure that you can travel across the east coast and still enjoy the beautiful scenery. That's why in just one single Lumo journey you could save up to 7 trees** travelling the distance from London King's Cross to Aberdeen.

If just 15% of passengers who flew from London Heathrow to Edinburgh travelled with Lumo instead, in just one year we could save 25,600 tonnes of CO2e. That's the equivalent of one million trees.**

Lumo train travel countryside
                                                         **data shows equivalent annual Co2e saved travelling by train when compared with plane, sequestered by No of Trees.

how can you travel sustainably with Lumo?

100% electric

Find out more out Britain’s first 100% electric train fleet.

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50% plant based menu

Here at Lumo over half our menu is plant based.

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digital tickets

Go green, go digital, go convenient with Lumo train e-tickets.

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less than 5%
Department of Transport
We Mean Green Train campaign
We Mean Green Train campaign
we mean green
Every freight train

We acknowledge and commit to supporting the rail industry’s role in decarbonising transport and helping meet the UK and Scottish government’s Net Zero targets. Please see our Environmental Policy for more information.


CO2e stands for carbon dioxide equivalent. It helps track emissions from greenhouse gases that aren’t necessarily produced from carbon dioxide. For example, the fossil fuels burnt to fuel your car or plane journey do not necessarily only release CO2 but multiple other gases. CO2e is a unit used to measure the contribution all greenhouses’ gases have on global warming.
KgCO2e is a unit to measure CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) in kilograms. For example, 126kg of CO2e is used when travelling by plane from London Heathrow to Newcastle Airport. 
The data presented above shows the emissions saved and used per passenger journey via Train, Petrol Car and Plane. This data was provided in a report by Arup collated for FirstGroup Open Access Operators, Lumo and Hull Trains.

Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) are direct greenhouse gas emissions that result from sources owned or controlled by an organization, for example, fossil fuel combustion from company-owned vehicles.

Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions) relate to purchased electricity, heat and steam as a result of energy consumption (e.g. power station in the case of electricity generation).

Scope 3 emissions (other indirect emissions) relate to indirect emissions from 3rd parties such as the production and lifecycle of purchased goods, for example products and services onboard.