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a greener way to travel

A great trip shouldn't cost the earth
At Lumo we understand why people prefer to fly. However, our new travel service, is cost-effective, frequent, fast and comfortable.

And our 100% high speed electric trains mean you are being kinder to the environment.  

Lumo doesn’t stop there with our green credentials, we offer over 50% of our menu as plant based to make our waste easier to recycle. We are 100% digital to reduce our carbon impact through the use of paper. Even our attire is responsibly sourced and can be entirely recycled at the end of use.

Everyone Is Welcome

We know that most people want sustainable solutions so they can do their bit for the environment, but quite often this incurs extra costs rather than helping people to do the right thing without having to pay a premium.
The only question we will ask when you book is why are you travelling so we can make sure our service and where you sit is best suited to your needs.

At Lumo, we have one class because we want everyone to feel welcome and receive the same high level of service.

Our highly trained Customer Experience Ambassadors are trained to proactively look after our customers throughout the journey with at seat catering that you can pre-order or book from your seat, information about your journey and using our digital systems respond to any personal requirements you may have.

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