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customer charter

what you can expect from us, in line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel

Welcome to Lumo, your new innovative rail service linking the iconic cities of Edinburgh, Newcastle and London.  Our aim is to reimagine rail and to create a new way to travel for our customers that is better value, kinder to the environment and as time effective as taking a domestic flight.  We aim to be more than just a "new rail service", we want to change and update many of the historic practices within the rail industry and adopt new technology in order to drive the highest levels of customer satisfaction and colleague engagement.


This is our Customer Charter; our commitment to you and the provision of a standard of service which we hope not only exceeds your expectations, but also reassures you in your choice of how to travel.


We want to offer an industry leading service that is digital in both internal operation and in customer experience. Fresh thinking and innovation are key to our vision.  Our £100m investment in a brand new, 100% electric, fleet of Hitachi trains, shows our commitment to service, performance and environmental excellence.  Indeed, when compared to flying between London and Edinburgh we’re much more sustainable seat for seat, and can get you between capitals in the same time, and at a great price.  We’ve also selected and trained our colleagues so that they can understand our customer’s needs and can incorporate your thoughts and ideas into how we operate. 

We want our business to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.  We assess all of our plans to understand their impact on inclusivity.  Our trains are designed for all, with two dedicated wheelchair user spaces, 52 priority seats and a single class system at low-cost pricing that will allow as many people to travel by rail as possible.  Our colleagues have been handpicked from a diverse range of backgrounds and are trained to provide the best customer experience possible to all our customers.

We’d love to hear what you think, to provide feedback on this Charter, or any other part of our service and how we can improve, please get in touch by submitting a webform.

This Charter does not affect your legal rights, which are set out in the National Rail Conditions of Travel and can be found here. Copies of this Charter can be obtained from our website here or on our LumoGo app.

We want you to help us to shape our future, so if you have any comments, suggestions, praise or complaints, or you want to buy tickets or book assistance, we’re ready and waiting to listen and respond. We want to not only exceed your expectations, but also reassure you in your choice of how to travel.  

We’ve created a variety of ways you can get in touch, so please choose the right one for you


Twitter:                    @lumotravel

WhatsApp:           07816 123149


Phone Customer Relations:
0345 528 0409 (06:00 to 23:00 Monday to Sunday except Christmas and Boxing Day)

Phone Retail Support:                 
0345 528 0409 (08:00 to 20:00 daily except Christmas and Boxing Day)

Passenger Assist Please view Lumos Accessible Travel Policy here.

Please also feel free to raise any feedback on your day of travel with our Customer Experience Ambassadors onboard. They are there to help and support you with any concerns or queries.

Whether you know where to travel, or you’re in need of some advice, you can get some inspiration from our destination guides which include some great ways to explore the places where we call. Once you’ve decided to travel, we want to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to plan your journey.  There are several handy planning tools which can help you get the information you need, so choose the most convenient one for you.


Planning and booking directly through us via our website or app, will give you access to exclusive perks and there’s lots you can do on our website such as:



Our smartphone and tablet app is a great source of information and you can do many of the things our website offers through this app, with the addition of purchasing tickets up to five minutes before you travel. Look for LumoGo on the Apple App store or Google Play.

LumoGo is also useful before and during your journey with us. You can pre-order your food on it via LumoEats before you travel, access our free WiFi onboard and get live information about you trip, such as letting you know when your destination is near.


When travelling for flights or other international connections, e.g. Eurostar, we strongly recommend planning your journey to allow 2.5 hours from scheduled arrival at the airport/international station to the latest check-in time.


Find all the details about the stations we call at here.



We are advocates of multi-modal travel and we know that your journey with us is just a small part of your trip.  If you have a folding bike, you’re not required to book a space and you can place them in the luggage stack or racks located throughout our trains.  This is just one of the ways we can help with your door-to-door multi-modal trip.  You can also use our website and app for a door-to-door journey planner for travel in Britain using a combination of trains, buses, coaches, trams, ferries, walking and sharing schemes such as e-scooters or bikes.


Occasionally essential maintenance work needs to be undertaken by Network Rail (who manages the infrastructure on the railway), to maintain and improve railway tracks, signals and structures.  Engineering work usually takes place during quieter periods, so we always recommend you plan and check your journey before you travel.  We work closely with Network Rail to plan such improvement work carefully in order to minimise the impact on your journey as far as possible.

When such work takes place, and this affects the operation of our services, we publish the details of this work on our website in advance here (usually 12 weeks in advance or as soon as possible if notice is later than this), and at the stations we serve.  A summary of the changes to our train services will also be available from National Rail Enquiries here. Once you have booked your journey on our trains, if you book directly through us, we will notify you if we become aware of any changes.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to divert our services via a longer alternative route or use alternative accessible transport, e.g. buses, coaches or taxis instead of trains on some sections of your journey where there is no option of running a through train service. When this is the case, we will ensure that information is provided at the stations and online in advance.  Please note that there may not be space for prams and pushchairs that do not fold.  Heavy luggage and some animals may also not be conveyed.


We do not accept claims for compensation for variations to our normal timetable when we have published a revised timetable or offered alternative routes due to planned engineering work.  The exception to this is where the replacement services themselves run late according to the revised timings or are cancelled.  If unforeseen circumstances mean that we have to introduce an emergency timetable, then compensation arrangements will be based upon that timetable.

We use a simplified fares structure that has been designed to make it easy for you to get the best value ticket for your journey and a fair fare.  We offer two types of tickets, LumoFixed tickets that are for a specific service and flexible  Anytime tickets that allow you to use any of our services on the date of travel.  Our single-leg priced approach will ensure you get the best price whether you book a single or return journey with us.  Details of the different types of tickets available can be found on our website.

An easy way to purchase tickets is from our website or our app LumoGo.

If you forgot to pre-book your ticket, you can still buy one onboard without penalty.  When travelling from a station with Automatic Ticket Gates, you can ask the operators to let you through and Our Customer Experience Ambassadors onboard will advise you of the most appropriate ticket for your journey..  We will sell you a ticket for your entire journey, whether you are travelling solely on our trains or using other train services as part of your trip.  We do not, however, sell Advance tickets on board. 


You must ensure that you are aware of any terms and conditions that apply to the type of ticket that you hold.  Ticket retailers must also make these clear before completing your ticket purchase.  If you have a LumoFixed ticket, this is valid only on the date and train(s) shown. If you travel on an alternative service to that which you have booked with a LumoFixed ticket you will be required to purchase a new ticket.  This applies unless disruption to services has resulted in the need to travel on a different train, and we, or another train operator’s colleagues, have authorised the ticket.



When booking directly through us, we let you choose the seat you want to travel on.  This way, you can travel with peace of mind and look forward to a relaxing journey. 

All the tickets that we sell for our own services will come with a seat reservation on the specific service that you have chosen.  When booking a flexible ticket, you can change your reservation to another seat and train, free of charge.  All Advance tickets holders will be able to change their seat reservation by only paying the difference in price for the new service they have chosen. 

For any changes to seat reservations, please use our website, app or contact our Customer Experience team.

If you’re travelling with little ones under the age of five, you don’t need to book a ticket for them as up to two under 5’s travel free of charge with a fare paying adult but  seat reservations cannot be made for them unless a ticket is purchased.

Our services are mandatory reservation.  You can make a reservation up to 15 minutes before departure. Approximately 10% of the total seating capacity on all our trains is kept without reservations. Season ticket holders will be required to reserve a seat although this can only be done the day before travel (or on Fridays for travel on a Monday), from a staffed station. Bulk bookings of seats are not permitted for season ticket holders.



Seats cannot be reserved for luggage or animals (apart from assistance dogs when booking with Passenger Assist). Our Customer Experience Ambassadors know which seats are reserved or have been left empty. They will offer those to anyone who may not have been able to book a seat before departure. You may only make one seat reservation per person, per train, as stated in section three of the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

If reserved seats are unavailable on our Lumo service because of a train being fully booked, you will be advised of this during the booking process by the ticket vendor.



If you have reserved a seat, but we do not provide your reserved seat and there is no alternative seat on the train we will compensate you should you have to stand for more than 30 minutes from the time you board the train. We will refund 50% of the relevant single ticket or relevant part of the return ticket for your journey in these circumstances. If a customer holding a First Class Any Permitted ticket boards our service, we will not provide any recompense between the cost of their ticket and the Standard Class fare and will charge the appropriate Standard Class fare, as our services are clearly advertised as offering Standard Class accommodation only. The First-Class ticket holder should seek a refund of their ticket (or portion of their ticket) from their original ticketing vendor. Please note that claims must be made within 28 days of the affected journey online or to our Customer Experience team. 

We will not compensate you if there are no seats available on board the train and you have not made a reservation. Similarly, if you join our service with a valid flexible ticket (i.e., not an ‘Advance’ or other train-specific ticket) without having made a seat reservation, and no seats are available, we do not provide compensation to you.


We do not operate a Penalty Fare scheme so you can come on board our trains and purchase your ticket with our Customer Experience Ambassadors.  If you are purchasing a ticket onboard, please bear in mind that we do not accept cash. You will be able to pay by card, bank transfer, or through our online portal. Family or friends can also make the payment in your favour. However, if you cannot pay for your ticket, an Unpaid Fare Notice will be issued to you.

If an Unpaid Fares Notice has been filed and you want to make an appeal, you should do so within 21 days of receiving the notice.

To ensure fairness, appeals are not handled by Lumo and are administered by an independent company. The independent appeals process is impartial. Appeals can be made by here or in writing to:


Complaints about ticket sales will be dealt with if you bought your ticket from our website or app. Complaints about tickets bought from third party retailers or other train companies should be directed to them.

When you are ready to travel it’s good to know about the facilities and services that will be available to you at both stations and on our trains, so this section is designed to help guide you through what we offer. We always recommend that you check your journey prior to departure,  be it through our website, or other information channels which are best suited to you listed in the ‘How to plan your journey’ section here


We do not manage any stations and therefore any services provided at the stations at which we call are the responsibility of the Station Facility Operator. We are advocates of the ‘One Team’ approach to managing stations, which means that we work closely and regularly engage with the Station Facility Operators and other operators at the stations we serve. For our customers, this means that whoever you speak to, or deal with at a station, they should respond to your query or request in the same way as we would, regardless of whom you are travelling with.

Further information relating to which company operates which station can be found in the table below.  For up-to-date information, including interchange and onward travel options, please visit here.

Station Station Operator Telephone Website
Edinburgh Network Rail

03457 114 141


Northern 0800 200 6060

London North Eastern Railway 03457 225 333
Stevenage Great Northern 0345 026 4700
London King's Cross Network Rail 03457 114 141



We want to make your journey as effortless and comfortable as possible when you travel with us, so here are further details of what you can expect from us on board.


On every train we’ll have our Customer Drivers and our Customer Experience Ambassadors, who are there to make your journey easy and ensure your safety, security and comfort. We invest in our people by putting them through a comprehensive, focused customer experience training programme which ensures they have the right skills and aptitude to deliver excellent customer service.



Our seating plan can be found here.

Our trains are formed of five carriages, which are labelled A to E with the following designations:
  • Carriage A contains standard and priority seating, two wheelchair user spaces and an accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities
  • Carriage B contains standard and priority seating, a toilet with baby-changing facilities and an additional luggage storage
  • Carriage C contains standard and priority seating
  • Carriage D contains standard and priority seating, a toilet with baby-changing facilities and an additional luggage storage
  • Carriage E contains standard and priority seating and an accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities

On occasion we may run our trains in a 10-carriage formation to provide additional capacity:

  • Carriage G contains standard and priority seating, two wheelchair user spaces and an accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities
  • Carriage H contains standard and priority seating, a toilet with baby-changing facilities and an additional luggage storage
  • Carriage J contains standard and priority seating
  • Carriage K contains standard and priority seating, a toilet with baby-changing facilities and an additional luggage storage
  • Carriage L contains standard and priority seating and an accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities

On rare occasions we may use alternative trains to those advertised above. Where this is the case, we will endeavour to inform customers in advance by email, on our website and via our app.



At Lumo we will do our very best to ensure that our trains are clean, well presented, comfortable with a full range of facilities available. Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will undertake regular in transit, on the go cleaning as well as an extensive turn around clean at terminus stations, making sure all our trains are cleaned and remain clean whilst you travel. The train ventilation systems ensure a continuing supply of fresh air throughout the whole journey.

Cleanliness and hygiene are high on Lumo priorities and through our Coronavirus compliant practices, we target our cleaning on key customer on train touchpoints such as handrails, door buttons, arm rests, seat top handles, tables, toilets and sink surfaces. Both in between services and throughout each journey, all our Customer Experience Ambassadors will ensure the environment is clean and have received clear training and guidance regarding standards that will make sure you can relax and feel comfortable during your travel experience. At regular intervals the Customer Experience Ambassadors will pass through the carriages collecting rubbish, disposing and where practicable, separating items for recycling. Additional deep cleaning will take place overnight prior to the next day’s service.  All processes and practices are driven to enhance your travel experience.



You can book from our dedicated catering service, LumoEats, and pre order food in advance of your journey (up to 6 hours). You’ll be able to enjoy hot and cold items and have them delivered direct to you in the comfort of your seat. We have partnered with specialist suppliers that can cater for most dietary requirements and have carefully selected seasonal product ranges to suit most needs.Once onboard, and after we depart the station, our Customer Experience Ambassadors will commence an at seat trolley service, you’ll be able to purchase a range of hot and cold drinks, snacks and alcoholic refreshments while you sit back and relax watching our entertainment system available through LumoGo. The range of products that we offer is as inclusive, sustainable, and local, but please bear in mind that our selection varies and maybe subject to change. Our on-board trolley menu is available on our website and LumoGo, for you to look through before and during your journey with us.

Our Customer Experience Ambassadors are able to accept most forms of card payments but please note that we don’t accept cash onboard our trains.

If, for any reason, we are unable to serve food and drinks on your service, we will endeavour to inform you in advance of your train departure. This information will be available through the Journey Check section of our website here, our app and displayed on information screens on platforms.  We will also give you a full refund to your method of payment for any items we cannot provide.



We’re delighted to offer free on-board WiFi for all our customers.  Should you experience any problems with this facility, please speak to one of our Customer Experience Ambassadors or contact the WiFi support desk on or 0208 028 0520. Whilst we strive to make this service available on all our trains, we do not provide compensation for any problems associated with the provision of this complimentary facility. We aim to have a good WiFi connection on board however at times due to the speed and going through many tunnels this may be intermittent at times.



We welcome your pets on board our trains. Dogs will need to be kept on leads and other small domestic animals must always travel in a fully enclosed basket that does not exceed 85 x 60 x 60 cm. Please bear in mind that we cannot make a seat reservation for animals (apart for assistance dogs).

We also provide water bowls and stool bags, please ask one of our colleagues who will be able to give you some.

Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will make sure that areas where pets have been kept are thoroughly cleaned.

Where a rail replacement service is operated it may not be possible to convey some animals, so please check with us prior to travel on our website or by contacting our Customer Experience team.



Here at Lumo, we understand our customers wish to keep their luggage close by, and that what they are travelling with is important, but depending on the size, this may not always be possible.  We encourage all our customers to travel light for their ease, safety and comfort as space is limited onboard.  We only allow customers to bring with them a maximum of one medium sized suitcase (height 63cm x width 41cm x depth 27cm) and one small bag, rucksack or holdall, that is small enough to fit either on your lap or under the seat in front of you.  To assist you with your luggage, why not use the Measure app on your smartphone.  You can further find details at LumoLuggage.

Please be considerate with the amount and weight of luggage you bring with you.  Our colleagues and our industry partners’ colleagues must be able to lift the item(s) safely.

Please be aware that we do not accept bulky items, large sporting equipment or any piece of luggage that cannot be carried or packaged in a suitable manner.  Luggage carried that exceeds these limits is carried at our discretion and may be refused. A charge will be levied for conveying additional items of luggage, or for excessively large or bulky items.  This will not exceed half a full adult standard fare for the entire train route.

Enhance your travel experience by having your luggage delivered to your final station or destination.  You can tailor your luggage courier requirements that best suit your needs.  We have partnered with First Luggage who will provide a door-to-door luggage courier service throughout Great Britain, and many other countries.  Their service is chargeable and is bookable with your train ticket.  The courier option will make your travel experience easier, moving multiple, larger, or heavy luggage items so you don’t have to worry about carrying these around with you.  You’ll be able to arrive at your destination, browse around the City shops, relax at your favourite wine bar, or take in the historical sights while you wait for your hotel check-in time.  When booked here customers will receive a 10% discount, FirstLuggage will then arrange for your luggage to be collected anywhere in the world and delivered to your chosen destination address without hassle or stress. 


Pushchairs and prams are welcomed onboard but will need to be collapsed and stored in the luggage storage areas. For safety reasons, sleeping babies & toddlers must travel on an adult’s lap.

We would like to remind you not to store anything in the dedicated wheelchair user spaces or around the exit door areas. 


Lumo do not accept non-foldable bicycles as we do not have enough space for them on board, however we have partnered with FirstLuggage to transport your bicycles anywhere you need them - for a quote to transport your bicycle to your destination please visit LumoLuggage.

Folding bikes are welcomed onboard Lumo and will not be subject to prebooking requirements.  Just pack your bike up before boarding the train and store it in the luggage stores or stacks located throughout the train.


E-Scooters are not permitted on board Lumo services, including both folding and non-folding e-scooters.



Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will be visible across the train throughout your journey. If they notice any lost property, they will proactively seek to identify their owner and reconcile them with it. However, if they haven’t managed to do so before you left our train, your property will be handed in at the train’s final destination station, at either London King’s Cross or Edinburgh Waverley. If the train is terminated short of its final destination, we may also hand this in at the terminating station. 

If you lose an item, please use this table to identify where your property is likely to be and contact them directly.




Opening Hours


Edinburgh Waverley

Excess Baggage Company

Platform two near the Carlton Road entrance

Mon – Sun 09:00 – 17:30

Lost Property



Ticket office

Mon – Fri 06:30 - 17:30
Sat 06:30 - 13:00
07:00 – 22:00

0800 200 6060

Newcastle London North Eastern Railway

Main concourse

Mon – Sat 06:15 – 21:00

01163 663 587


Great Northern

Ticket office


Mon – Sun 07:00 – 22:00

Lost Property
London King’s Cross Excess Baggage Company Main concourse Mon-Sun 09:00 – 17:30 Lost Property



Any personal property that you bring with you onboard our trains is your responsibility. If it is lost or stolen, we don’t provide any compensation. If your property is damaged, we will only give you compensation if the damage was caused by the fault of our Customer Experience Ambassadors.



We want you to feel safe and secure when travelling with Lumo, take a read of how we intend to do that here



Smoking is not permitted on board any of our services and any station we call at, including the use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices.


We want to provide service excellence and an easy, convenient way for everyone to travel. If you think you will need some help for your trip, you can plan it in advance with the help of our dedicated Passenger Assist team. Assistance can be arranged to help you with accessing the station, where staffed, getting on and off the train and carrying your luggage. If you haven’t booked Passenger Assist before coming to the station, you can still use the Turn Up and Go service offered at the station. The station team will be able to assist you on or off the train and provide you with the help you need. Please bear in mind that this service is dependent on the availability of the station colleagues as they might need to finish some of their duties before being able to assist you.

Dedicated wheelchair user spaces and priority seating are available on board our trains. These and any further assistance required can be booked using these channels:

To make sure that our colleagues can give you the best service and notify you if there is anything that will affect your journey, we recommend booking assistance before 22:00 the day before travel or six hours before your journey for same day travel.

From 1st April 2022 we will reduce this further to two hours prior to the time of travel, noting that whilst this refers to assistance in general, we may not always be able to guarantee the availability of the wheelchair user space in cases where a train may have left its origin station where reservations are uploaded and displayed before a booking for a wheelchair user space has been made. Wheelchair user spaces are limited so we will expect prams and luggage to be moved to ensure access for wheelchair/scooter users, so that they can be accommodated. Our colleagues will request that items left in these areas are promptly removed and stored in an alternative area.

Full details of our ‘Accessible Travel Policy’ policy, which provides details of our commitments to making our services accessible, can be obtained here . You can also find our passenger leaflet ‘Making Rail Accessible’ from our website or alternatively by calling the Passenger Assist team, or at staffed stations at which we call.



We offer our Accessible Travel Policy in alternative formats, specifically: 

  • Audio
  • Large Print
  • Easy Read
  • Braille
  • British Sign Language videos

You can ask for an alternative format by contacting our Customer Experience team or Passenger Assist team.  We will respond to your request within 7 days.

Our website includes the ReciteMe tool which provides text to speech playback functionality, screen reader functions including style sheets, easy to adjust font sizes and colours, a magnifying glass, ruler, screen mask and browser accessibility functions, as well as dyslexia software, and an interactive dictionary.

Our website also includes a functionality to change the colours so they can meet your needs. 

In order to ensure that our Customer Charter is written so that it provides the clearest possible information, we will apply for the Crystal Mark of approval.


Expectant mothers whilst travelling onboard with Lumo if you require and assistance or support please speak to one of our Customer Experience Ambassadors who will be more than happy to help you find a seat.

All our trains have toilets with a baby-change table inside them. If you require support lifting your pushchair or pram onto the platform or onto our train, the Customer Experience Ambassadors will help you, as long as they are physically able to do so and that you carry your child separately

We want to ensure the highest possible standards of service and lead the rail industry in both innovation and sustainability. We’ve therefore committed to key targets in a number of areas.  


We work closely with our industry partners, notably Network Rail and other Train Operating Companies to deliver the timetable that we advertise each and every day. We understand that you want a punctual and reliable service, and we want you to be able to count on us to provide this. 

We have set a target that our trains will arrive within ten minutes of their planned arrival time. The performance of our service is reported to and scrutinised by several governance bodies every four weeks.


We want you to receive a full and timely response to your query, comment or complaint, so we have set out clear response targets in our Complaints Handling Procedure which can be found here.

We also use a variety of indicators, from the National Rail Passenger Survey, and the Rail Delivery Group’s Wavelength satisfaction measure, to our own post journey survey, to understand what you think of our service provision.


This is one of our core values. We look at all we do, and make sure that we understand and minimise the impact of our actions on the planet. Our trains are 100% electric and are therefore very environmentally friendly. When travelling with us between London and Edinburgh, your journey will, on average, emit much less CO2 than other modes of travel. 

But we know that this is not the only area where we can make a difference. Our catering partner has been selected in line with our vision and values with particular emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, sourcing local produce as much as possible. LumoEats allows us to reduce the amount of waste produced from unwanted food. All packaging we use will be recycled so it’s good for your cravings and good for the planet.

Our colleague attire has been provided using a supplier who has not only manufactured the garments in the UK, but also employs a sustainable and ethical approach to production, helping us to recycle items which are life expired.

We are committed to key environmental principles which reduce the impact of our operations both locally and for the benefit of our wider planet.  We are empowering people to make low carbon travel choices that are affordable.

Our headquarters Central Square South has a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method rating of Excellent.


Sometimes our trains become affected by service disruption which can result from a variety of reasons, but rest assured we will always try to ensure the impact of the delay is kept to an absolute minimum. This section describes what we will do when our train services are disrupted or delayed.  As soon as our Customer Experience Ambassadors know what is happening and the impact likely to be, they will let you know. They will also be able to provide information regarding the best options for you to complete your journey. Train running information and incident updates can be obtained from the following:



Weather can affect your travel plans at times. This can be beyond our control although we will ensure that you are kept up to date on our website, through our Twitter page or National Rail Enquiries.  Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will be able to help you onboard and keep you up to date.


If your journey with us is delayed and you are no longer able to make your planned connection, we will help with re-planning your journey to minimise the delay. In some cases, this may need to involve alternative transport to enable you to reach your destination.

Where a delay or cancellation of our service means that you have missed the last connection of the day, or that you will not reach your destination at a reasonable time, we will either arrange for transport back to where you started your journey (and then allow you to travel the next day) or to your destination. If this is not possible, we will provide overnight accommodation so you can travel the next day. We will aim to make these arrangements for you at our cost.  If we do not make those arrangements for you, and you make them yourself then we will pay your reasonable and proportionate costs for:

  • Alternative travel 
  • A hotel where this is a reasonable step for you to take as an alternative to completing your journey 

You may still choose to make more expensive arrangements at your own cost.

If you decide not to travel as a result of a delay or cancellation of your service, and if we sold you the ticket, we will give you a full refund; otherwise, you should seek a refund from the point of purchase (unless this is the return portion of your ticket, in which case we will refund this).

In circumstances where your train is delayed by 60 minutes or more, we will provide complimentary non-alcoholic drinks where we have them available.



When your journey with us is delayed by 30 minutes or more, we’ll provide you compensation for the inconvenience that you have experienced. All ticket holders may apply for Delay Repay compensation. The level of compensation is outlined below:

Length of Delay*


0-29 minutes’ delay

No compensation is due

30-59 minutes’ delay

Compensation of at least 50% of the cost of a single ticket or 50% of the relevant portion of a return ticket

60 or more minutes’ delay

Compensation of at least 100% of the cost of a single ticket or 100% of the relevant portion of a return ticket

A journey may include conveyance by other Train Operating Companies (TOC) services or alternative transport as per our contingency plans where our services have been cancelled or delayed. These plans are advertised through the Journey check section of our website here.

We offer different ways for you to receive your compensation, including charity donations.


The easiest and quickest way to claim Delay Repay compensation is through our website here. Our online claims system allows you to claim with an account so that your details are retained to make the process for claiming easier should you need to claim again in future. 


If you have purchased your ticket through our website with your registered Lumo account or LumoGo, then you can get your Automated Delay Repay compensation if your train is delayed by 30 minutes or more and you don’t need to submit a claim.

You're eligible for Automated Delay Repay if:

  • Booked an Advance ticket through or through the LumoGo app.
  • Made your journey including at least one leg travelling with us.
  • Previously registered to receive Auto Delay Repay using the same email address as used with your Lumo account.

If you're delayed by 30 minutes or more, we'll process a claim for you automatically within 24 hours of your journey. We'll then send you an email asking you to confirm the details of your journey. Once you've confirmed your journey, we'll process your payment. This can take up to five working days.


Compensation claim forms can be downloaded from our website. Please send us the completed form, along with the original ticket(s) and seat reservation(s) or full booking confirmation if held, as proof of your journey.

Applications must be made within 28 days of the date of the delay; any applications made outside of this will not be accepted.

When delayed and you have a paper ticket, please ensure that, where your journey involves an Automatic Ticket Gate, you show your ticket to a colleague rather than using the gate, so that you can keep your ticket to submit it for compensation.

We expect to provide a formal response to all applications within a month of receiving your claim and provide payment within 14 days of your claim being agreed (which may not be the same date as your claim is received), as per the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Making an application does not mean that you will be entitled to compensation; however, we will contact you to explain the reason for not being eligible if this is the case.

Customers with a combination of tickets for one journey will be compensated for their full journey if one of their tickets involves travel with us on a delayed service.

If you have a Season Ticket valid for travel on our trains, please include a copy of the ticket with your application and a copy of your photo ID card. Season Ticket holders should claim compensation in respect of each journey on which they are delayed and include the details of the specific train on which they were travelling.


If there are delays and cancellations, we will always try to tell you before you buy a ticket. Therefore, we do not normally accept a claim if you knew there was disruption, then purchased a ticket and travelled using that ticket.

In line with the National Rail Conditions of Travel, where Lumo is at fault, we will consider additional compensation for any losses or extra costs caused by the cancellation or delay to our services.  Please complete the feedback form on our website if you believe this is the case.


You must not seek to recover the same money twice, for example both under our claims process and the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However, claiming compensation using our reclaims process does not affect any additional statutory rights you may have, for example under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, where we as a company are at fault.

For more information on the Consumer Rights Act and how it applies to the railway industry please see the FAQ produced by National Rail, which also contains a link to the National Rail Conditions of Travel here.


When travelling for flights or other international connections, e.g., Eurostar, we strongly recommend planning your journey to allow 2.5 hours from scheduled arrival at the airport/international station to the latest check-in time.


If the train you planned to catch is cancelled or significantly delayed, or your reservation will not be honoured, and as a result, you decide not to travel, then you can return unused tickets to the original place of purchase for a refund in full within 28 days of the ticket’s expiry. The same applies if disruption prevents you from completing a journey that you have started, and you return to the starting point.  Advance tickets also qualify for a refund in such cases. A full refund will be made without any administration fee.  Details of how to claim are in the refunds section of this document.


We know that sometimes you won’t be able to travel, so this section is designed to clarify when and how you can get a refund of your ticket. Advance tickets are non-refundable, except in cases of disruption as detailed in the service disruption section. If you have purchased an Advance ticket and your train is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, alternative arrangements will be made for you to travel on another train if you still wish to travel. In such circumstances, a seat cannot be guaranteed. If you prefer, you can claim a full refund without an administration fee.

If you decide not to travel for any other reason, when your train was running normally, and your ticket is not an Advance ticket, you may be eligible for a refund. In such circumstances, refund applications must be made through the original retailer and the unused tickets must be provided. We always recommend that you check the terms and conditions of your ticket before you buy it.

An administration fee of £10 per ticket (for Advance tickets) or per transaction (for all other tickets), may be applied and you must submit your ticket for refund within 28 days of the expiry date of ticket. 

If you bought your ticket(s) through our website, app, or if you have not printed your tickets out, refund applications can be made online (for tickets to be printed at the station or m-tickets purchased through the app). Our ticket refund site can be found here.

If you bought your ticket(s) from us by telephone or on board our trains, please post your ticket(s) along with a covering letter to us at: Freepost LUMO REFUND

For any printed tickets, the unused ticket(s) and seat reservation(s), along with your booking reference and refund form will need to be returned to: Freepost LUMO REFUND

Please note that all refund payments should be made within 28 days.

Our focus is on you and helping you to travel well, beyond expectations. We value your feedback, both positive and negative, so please do get in touch using any of the methods shown in the ‘how to contact us’ section, we would like to hear from you. 
Following your journey, we may contact you to check how it went and if there was anything we could have done differently or in a better way.

Where you do experience an issue with any element of our service provision, we will always try to resolve it as soon as possible; be it by one of our Customer Experience Ambassadors on our trains; our online support teams  our Customer Relations team.

The feedback that you provide is taken very seriously, so sometimes we may need a little more time to investigate or consider matters fully.  We will provide an explanation as to the reasons behind any failing that we identify once we have investigated. We aim to achieve this within 20 working days, if not sooner, and we will keep you informed of progress if it takes longer than this to investigate.  Our specific Complaints Handling Procedure can be found here.

All the feedback we receive is recorded, reviewed and reported to our Managing Director and the Senior Management team. It is then summarised and presented monthly to our Company Board Directors who assess trends and inform our business strategy as a result.

We always aim to achieve a resolution that is fair, and that addresses your comment or complaint.  If, however, you are unhappy with our response, please let us know and give us the opportunity to try to resolve your complaint. If you are unhappy with the final response you receive from us, you have the right to appeal to the Rail Ombudsman. The Rail Ombudsman is there to help resolve complaints between us and our customers. It is free to use their services and they are independent of the rail industry. They do not take sides and just look at the evidence available. They will help us both to try to reach an agreement, but if this does not happen, they will decide based on the evidence they have received. If you agree with their decision, then we must act on what they say. You can appeal to the Rail Ombudsman if:

  • You are unhappy with our final response to your complaint which will be contained in a letter or email (sometimes called a ‘deadlock letter’); or
  • we have not resolved your complaint within 40 working days of receiving it; and
  • no more than 12 months have passed since we sent you our final response.

There are some complaints that the Rail Ombudsman will not be able to investigate, for example if they are about the way one of our services has been designed, industry policy, or if your complaint relates to an event which took place before the Rail Ombudsman service was established. If that is the case, then they will contact you to let you know. If possible, they will transfer your complaint to another organisation that may be able to help you further, such as Transport Focus or London TravelWatch (the latter covers London King’s Cross and Stevenage). The organisations are independent consumer watchdogs for the rail industry. They will independently review your complaint and where appropriate, follow things up on your behalf. 



Tel 0330 094 0362
Textphone 0330 094 0363
Post FREEPOST Rail Ombudsman



Tel 0300 123 2350
Transport Focus
PO Box 5594
Southend On Sea



Twitter @lontravelwatch
Tel 020 3176 2999
Post London TravelWatch
PO Box 5594
Southend On Sea

You also have rights under the Rail Passengers’ Rights and Obligations Regulation (EC No 1371/2007) (PRO), as it applies in UK law. The PRO incorporates the ‘Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail’ (commonly known as “CIV”). For an overview of these rights please visit the European Commission's information website about passenger rights:

The Office of Rail and Road ( is the National Enforcement Body for the PRO.

Lumo Route map: Edinburgh, Morpeth, Newcastle, Stevenage, London Kings Cross. At Newcastle there is a steep ramp bridge to platforms 5-8, staff assistance may be needed. All the other stations have step free access