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Welcome to Newcastle, a vibrant and lively city in the northeast of England! It's the home of Lumo but, is also renowned for its warm hospitality and rich history. As you explore our home city, here are a few Geordie slang terms that can add some local flair to your visit:

Canny - You might hear this one a lot. This word means "good" or "nice".
Pet - Don't be surprised if someone calls you "pet." It's a friendly term, similar to "dear" or "love".
Howay - It's like saying "Come on!" or "Let's go!" You might hear it if you go to a Newcastle football match when fans cheer, "Howay the lads!"

For those looking to explore the North East of England, purchasing train tickets to Newcastle is your first step to an unforgettable journey. Booking direct trains to Newcastle ensures a hassle-free trip to the heart of the northeast.

top things to do in Newcastle

Easter Train Travel Beamish Museum Newcastle
Beamish Museum
Beamish Museum is a living time capsule that will transport you back in time to experience everyday life in the 1820s! 
Tyneside Cinema Newcastle
Tyneside Cinema
A historic cinema known for screening a diverse range of films, from independent films to mainstream blockbusters.
Ouseburn Festival
Celebrate the summer at this free festival of art, music, and attractions on 13-14 July.

top Newcastle food and drinks guide

landscape of Newcastle
The Tanners Arms
Also famously “Scranners” Arms, this local pub based in Ouseburn serves up the best “scran”, slang for food, for a Sunday lunch. Book up a table because this find is a popular one, with a huge roast dinner, vegan options available, to enjoy along with a selection of real ale and craft beers.
indian food display
Khai Khai
Khai Khai is a restaurant that offers a taste of Indian comfort food all prepared over wood-fire or tandoor. You can expect high-quality dishes created by a Michelin-star chef, but also a keen focus on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients with many vegan options.
Newcastle Restaurant Cantina


Whether you're craving tacos, burritos, or other Mexican-inspired dishes, a plant-based taqueria, turned neighborhood bar Zerox at night, serves up mouth-watering Mexican eats with a vegetarian and vegan-friendly twist.
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London King's Cross to Newcastle

from £29.90

available Tuesday 8 October

Edinburgh to Newcastle

from £12.50

available Tuesday 8 October

Stevenage to Newcastle

from £29.90

available Tuesday 8 October


You can search for trains to Newcastle from the homepage search form or head directly to the ticket search results here. Enter your departure station, destination (Newcastle), travel dates, and preferred time. After entering your travel information, Lumo should display a list of available trains that match your criteria. Choose the train that best suits your schedule, ticket type preferences and price. Once you've selected your preferred train, follow the prompts to complete the booking process. You'll likely need to enter passenger details and payment information to finalise your ticket purchase.

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You can also book via our app available to download on iOS and android, more information can be found here.

You can view live train times to Newcastle here. Here you can check live service updates with any delays or disruptions which may affect your selected journey. Click through to Lumo JourneyCheck, where you can search for disruption by journey or by disruption from other operators.

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Lumo prefers to be your affordable option when travelling along the East Coast by train. You’ll find that mostly Lumo train tickets will be the cheapest ticket available. You can see the cheap ticket option easily in ticket search results just look out for the tag "Cheapest".

Train tickets are often even cheaper when booked well in advance. Lumo offers advance bookings with ticket availability into 2024, so try to book your tickets as early as possible for the best fares and offers out there.
Lumo runs five direct services a day from Newcastle Central Station to all other destinations we operate to, including London King's Cross and Edinburgh Waverley.

You can book connecting journeys to Newcastle on our website and app. Popular connections with other operators include Morpeth, Edinburgh, London, Durham.

More information about the facilities and accessibility at Newcastle Station here.

Passengers travelling to or from Newcastle can access Lumo services on this route connecting major cities like London, Stevenage, Morpeth, and Edinburgh. For connecting journeys, please see here.

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