Seat Reservations

Enhance your journey with Lumo

Seat Reservations can be made on all our services

Book direct to reserve a seat

When you book through our website or App, you’ll automatically get to select a seat when you book. For flexible tickets where you either didn’t pick a specific service or need to change your departure, you can contact us to make a reservationPlease note we are only able to make reservations for Lumo services.

LumoEats to your seat

When you reserve a seat we’ll also know where we can deliver food to you, which you will be able to pre-order before your journey (see LumoEats for more information). 

Joining the train without a seat reservation

If you need to join our trains without a seat reservation, we have some seats on every train which are not reserved- which will be marked will a green light above the seat, so please look out for these or ask a Customer Experience Ambassador on board for help finding a seat.