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find your journey, find your seat. we're here to assist for when you arrive onboard our fleet.
When you book a seat on a Lumo train, either through our website or the LumoGo app, you’ll automatically be assigned a seat based on your preferences. If you join a Lumo service without reserving a train seat, we keep a limited number of seats unreserved on each train. Bear in mind, however, seating options are not available with all train companies. 

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booking direct to reserve

When you book with us, you'll automatically be assigned a seat based on your preferences.

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join the train without a seat

We have some unreserved seats on every train which are marked with a green light.

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bringing luggage onboard 

All customers can bring on board one small bag or holdall and one medium suitcase.

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When you book a flexible ticket such as a LumoAny, Off Peak or Anytime ticket online you will still be given a seat reservation for your chosen service as standard. As these tickets are flexible, you can join a different service. We keep a limited number of seats unreserved on each train; please look for the green lights above seats which indicate they are not reserved. Note that this number is very limited so customers are strongly recommended to sit in their reserved seat.

As our trains are often busy, for your comfort we strongly recommend reserving a seat in advance. Seat reservations can be made by contacting us at, or by reaching out to us on X (Twitter) @LumoTravel.

If you would like to change your journey with an LumoAny, Anytime train ticket please be aware that your seat reservation is only valid on the selected service at time of booking.
Valid Interrail, Eurail and Britrail Passes can be used on Lumo services. Both First and Second/Standard Class passes are accepted, however please be aware we do not operate a First Class carriage onboard.
We strongly recommend making seat reservations for your journey. You can make a seat reservation through the Interrail/Eurail app or by contacting us via or on X (Twitter) @LumoTravel.
When you book onto a Lumo train, you receive a seat reservation automatically. However, you can still find a seat for your journey if you join a Lumo service without a reservation. Look out for the green lights above the seats, which indicate that they are not reserved. If in doubt, ask a Customer Experience Ambassador on board for help finding a seat.