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refunds and ticket changes

did travel disruption prevent you from travelling today? here’s how to claim your refund or tweak your train journey.

If you experienced any disruption resulting in your service being cancelled and you did NOT travel, please claim a refund from your ticket retailer, if you purchased your ticket with Lumo go to our Refunds Portal. If you used your ticket on alternative services incurring a delay on reaching your final destination, please use our Delay Repay Portal.

Which ticket do you have?

Lumo offers three train ticket types:

  • LumoFixed: are our best value tickets. LumoFixed tickets are non-refundable and only valid on the date and train you have booked. You can change the date and time of your ticket at any time before your scheduled departure. An admin fee of £10 will be applied. If the price of your new ticket is more expensive, you'll need to pay the difference.
  • LumoAny: can be used on any of our Lumo trains on the date on your ticket (or for return tickets, to come back any date within a month). Your reserved seat is only valid on the selected service at time of booking. Fee-free refunds and change of journeys are included with a LumoAny tickets, however, any changes made after your date of travel will incur an £10 admin fee. 
  • LumoFlex: tickets are our affordable alternative if you are after that added layer of flexibility. You can refund your ticket and change the date and time of your ticket fee-free before your date of travel. If the price of your new ticket is more expensive, you'll need to pay the fare difference. An admin fee of £10 will be applied for all changes made on the day of travel. Refunds cannot be made on or after your departure date.

How do I change my ticket?

  • LumoFixed, LumoFlex and LumoAny ticket bookings can be changed to a different time, date or class of travel up until the day of travel.
  • Lumo tickets are not exchangeable for tickets with other operators, change of journey is only valid with Lumo services only.
  • Some tickets are subject to differences in fare price and a £10 admin fee depending on the type ticket you have booked with us. 
  • Your origin, destination, route and train operator must remain the same, but you can change the date, time and class of travel if your plans change, subject to availability. 
  • Please note that LumoFixed, LumoFlex and LumoAny tickets cannot be changed after the original travel date has passed.

    If you bought your ticket direct from our Lumo website and would like to change your Lumo train ticket, you can change your journey whilst signed into your account. Go to:

    1) Payment Details
    2) Click "amend" on your selected ticket
    3) Select "change date" or "change time"

Am I entitled to a refund?

If you can no longer make your journey you may receive a refund or eVouchers dependant on your ticket type.

If your connecting service operated by another train company is affected by the industrial action, you can claim a refund through the point of purchase for the entire journey should you wish not to travel.  For more information visit our dedicated industrial action page.


  • Anytime tickets on Lumo services only can receive a full refund or an E-Voucher, both are subject to a £10 admin fee.
  • If an Anytime, Advance or LumoFixed ticket refund is requested within 24 hrs of the original purchase, there will be no £10 admin fee applied.
  • LumoFixed or Advance tickets are non-refundable unless requested within 24 hrs of the purchase.
  • LumoFlex tickets are refundable up to 23.59 the day before travel, however on and after the date of travel are non-refundable.

How do I apply for a refund/evoucher?

If you would like to request a refund, head to our refund webpage to receive a refund for the ticket you no longer require.  

If you bought your ticket from a third party retailer we would advise you to request a refund directly from your point of purchase.


Please note, refund requests for cancelled or disrupted services cannot be submitted until after your scheduled date of travel.