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Our commitment at Lumo is to delivering a consistent, high quality service, making journeys easy, convenient and above all ensuring that accessibility is at the forefront of each and every stage of the customer journey. Our aim is to ensure that the needs of customers, their companions and assistance dogs, requiring assistance are properly considered in all aspects of the customer journey, enabling them to travel confidently and independently.

You can arrange Passenger Assistance for your entire journey, buy a ticket and reserve a seat by:

  • Calling 0800 031 8542 (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day when we are closed)
  • Our Whatsapp: 07816123149
  • Via our webform: 
  • Using the Transport App (available through the App Store)
  • By email: 
  • By text relay: 18001 0800 031 8542 

    Hearing impaired passengers may wish to use the Text Relay service by downloading the Relay UK app and using the number 18001 0800 316 1323 to contact our Passenger Assist team. Please visit for more information. 

    We offer the ability to book and reserve assistance 2 hours before you travel for same day travel, although a 'turn up and go' service is also available if you have not made an assistance request in advance.

    All our trains are compliant with Persons of Reduced Mobility and have dedicated wheelchair user spaces available. These are conveniently located close to entrance doors and near to a Universal Accessible Toilet. You can explore our fleet with our 360 virtual tour on this page.
  • policy documents

    Our Accessible Travel Policy Passenger Leaflet is available to download, in accessible format, or is available from any staffed station where we call. Our Passenger Assist team are available 24/7, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We recommend booking assistance at least two hours before your journey. 

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    When you have assistance booked on our services and we know that the journey is no longer viable, our Passenger Assist team will contact you to discuss your journey and make alternative arrangements or provide a refund if you choose not to travel. Where a potential issue is identified with less than 24 hours’ notice and we were not able to contact you, station colleagues will inform you when you arrive and discuss alternative arrangements with you. Details of how to claim Delay Repay compensation can be found here.

    when things go wrong

    When your assistance was booked for travel on one of our trains and it was not delivered, we will provide both compensation and a response. You can claim this by contacting our Passenger Assist team. If you were travelling on another train company’s service for all or part of your journey, you can choose to complain to them directly, or we can liaise with them on your behalf.  If you are requesting Passenger Assist redress following an issue, you will need to provide a copy of your train tickets, along with your Passenger Assistance reference number, which can be found on your confirmation email.

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    accessible travel policy

    Our commitment to delivering an excellent service for all. 

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    autism guide

    Use this guide whilst you travel with Lumo.

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    Get 1/3 off train travel with a Disabled Persons Railcard.



    To make sure that our colleagues can give you the best service and notify you if there is anything that will affect your journey, we recommend booking assistance before 22:00 the day before travel or two hours before your journey for same day travel.

    Please note that whilst this refers to assistance in general, we may not always be able to guarantee the availability of the wheelchair user space in cases where a train may have left its origin station where reservations are uploaded and displayed before a booking for a wheelchair user space has been made. Wheelchair user spaces are limited so we will expect prams and luggage to be moved to ensure access for wheelchair/scooter users, so that they can be accommodated. Our colleagues will request that items left in these areas are promptly removed and stored in an alternative area.
    Assistance dogs are always welcome on all our trains. If you would like to bring your dog onboard, we encourage you to print a card that we created to alert other customers to your dog's presence under the seat. All you need to do is place this card on the seat next to you for other customers to see that your dog is under the seat. Unfortunately, this is not a reservation for your dog to sit on the seat but we hope that this will give you some peace of mind to know that others are looking out for your dog. Click here to download the card.
    Our onboard Customer Experience Ambassadors are trained to recognise and help customers who may need assistance. They will communicate news of any service disruption and provision of alternative transport via the Passenger Information Systems or, where possible, in person. The provision of Help Points, at some of the stations we serve, give a link to assistance teams 24 hours seven days a week (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) who will also be able to assist you in re-planning your journey on your behalf.
    If you need to provide feedback after travelling, please contact our Passenger Assist team or our Customer Experience team. Visit our help page for ways to get in touch with us.
    Our teams work hard to provide you with the help and assistance you need to be able to complete your journey with ease, however we recognise that, sometimes, things do not go as planned. If the assistance you have booked is not provided or does not meet your requirements, please let a member of our on-board team or the Passenger Assist team know at the time so that we can resolve the issue.

    When you have booked assistance and it has not been delivered, you will be eligible for compensation for your journey. When your assistance was booked for travel on one of our trains, we will provide both compensation and a response. Where assistance has not been provided due to a delay, and both Delay Repay and Passenger Assist redress could apply, you will be entitled to compensation for both issues, up to a combined value of your purchased ticket for that journey.

    If you have experienced other issues with assistance which have not caused delay, please let us know, providing your Passenger Assistance reference number where available, and we will consider compensation on a case-by-case basis.

    You can contact us: