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Facilities, assisted travel, and all the onboard extras you might need for your journey

Onboard with Lumo

Thank you for helping to control the spread of the virus and protect our staff and fellow customers.

We want to make sure that if you're travelling from A to B, or you're on an adventure from North to South then you've got everything you need to make that journey extra special. 

Onboard facilities

Find out more about your onboard experience, from our onboard catering to access to top rated movies and boxsets to making sure you luggage arrives safe and secure - whatever it is, Lumo have you covered!


Travel advice

Making sure you have all the information you need before you travel:

Assisted travel

By letting us know your travel requirements in advance, we can help make sure you have a hassle-free journey. But, even if you need a hand on the day, we’ll still do everything we can.