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Everything you need to know about our luggage courier service

Here at Lumo, we understand our customers wish to keep their luggage close by, and that what they are travelling with is important but depending on the size, this may not always be possible.

That’s why we have created LumoLuggage – a bespoke courier service designed to sustainably transport your oversized, heavy luggage from A to B!

LumoLuggage provides a door-to-door courier service to get your luggage to your final station or destination hassle free, allowing you to arrive at your destination, browse around the City shops, relax at your favourite wine bar, or take in the historical sights, all in the knowledge your luggage is taken care of, and will be waiting for you at your hotel, office or other designated drop off.

You can tailor your luggage courier requirements to best suit your needs, whether that is multiple, larger, or heavy luggage items that cannot be carried onto your selected Lumo service. Get a quote today via the button below.


*LumoLuggage is exclusive to customers travelling on Lumo services.

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