Travel Advice

Travelling with pets

We welcome your pets on board our trains.  Dogs will need to be kept on leads and other small domestic animals must always travel in a fully enclosed basket that does not exceed 85 x 60 x 60 cm. Please bear in mind that we cannot make a seat reservation for animals (apart for assistance dogs).

We also provide water bowls and stool bags, please ask one of our colleagues who will be able to give you some.

Our Customer Experience Ambassadors will make sure that areas where pets have been kept are thoroughly cleaned when needed.

Where a rail replacement service is operated it may not be possible to convey some animals, so please check with us prior to travel on our website or by contacting our Customer Experience team.

Travelling with Bikes

Bicycles are welcome on board our trains; however, as space is limited, reservations (which are free of charge) are mandatory as we are unable to guarantee that we can convey your bicycle without one.  This is due to a limited number of spaces on board our trains (bike reservations to a maximum of two per train, can be made during booking the process.).  We recommend that bicycle reservations are made at least 24 hours prior to your journey and at the same time as you purchase your ticket.  These can be made at any staffed station ticket office, online, via our Social Media team or over the phone through our Telesales team.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate tandem bicycles as we do not have enough space for them on board.  To access the bicycle storage spaces on our trains, please see our Customer Experience Ambassador before you board.
You will be asked at the point of booking if you intend to bring a bike on board; please select this option. Folding bikes are welcomed onboard Lumo and won’t be subject to pre-booking requirements.  Just pack your bike up before boarding the train and store it in the luggage racks.