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Other Operators' Tickets

Which tickets can be used with Lumo?

Lumo Specific Tickets

At Lumo, we believe our simple great value fares will be all you need, but we realise occasionally you may need to use our services with another ticket. If you have one of our tickets, you’ll know from the “route” which will show “Lumo Only” “AP Lumo Only” or something similar. We also have a few tickets to allow you through journeys to destinations off our network, which will include both Lumo and the other operator name, such as “Lumo and SWR Only” -these can of course be used on our trains too. If the route shows anything else you’ll need to check carefully whether you can use it on our trains.

Tickets for use on any operator, including Lumo

We’ll be happy to welcome you on board our train if you are travelling between stations that we serve, or where your origin or destination is usually reached by changing at one of our stations, except where the ticket has been sold for use on another operator only. These tickets will typically show a route which states “Any Permitted” or “Via York (or another station name)” While these tickets are flexible, we don’t set these fares and they are almost always more expensive than Lumo tickets (contact us if you find one cheaper); some of them have been introduced with time restrictions which unfortunately need to be followed.

We’d still highly recommend you reserve a seat, if y
ou are using one of these tickets, which you will be able to do at the time of purchase or by contacting us to request one later.

Tickets not valid on Lumo

Just like Lumo, some other operators sell tickets which can only be used on their trains. If you have one of these you either need to travel with them, or buy a new great value Lumo fare but please check with the retailer you bought your original ticket from to see if you can get a refund.

For our services
, the most common tickets you can’t use will be for routes including LNER (eg: LNER Only), Northern, Cross Country/XC or TPE Only. If you’re not sure, just have a quick chat with one of our Customer Experience Ambassadors before you board our train and they’ll let you know whether your ticket can be used with us.