• Delays to services between Grantham and Peterborough
  • 08:20 Newcastle to London Kings Cross due 11:03
  • 08:52 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh due 13:13
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Lumo services are not affected by the Industrial Action

Lumo does not take part in industrial action and will not be affected by the strike action from 2nd to 8th December. Please see here for full details.

Your Choice of Tickets

No confusing rules, just tickets.

At Lumo we offer fantastic value tickets, that don't cost the earth or your wallet. Whether you’re booking train tickets in advance with a LumoFixed ticket or reserving a train seat with our latest LumoFlex ticket, our tickets can be as flexible as needed to give you plenty of choice without the confusing rules.

Being all-electric means we are 100% digital, you can access and download your ticket on the go with the LumoGo app.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see our onboard luggage policy for further luggage details before travelling with us.



LumoFlex is Lumo's new train ticket option made flexible. LumoFlex combines affordable pricing with flexibility, in the case that you want a ticket that doesn't cost the earth but you think your plans might change LumoFlex is the ideal choice.

What's the difference?

Ticket Type  Refunds  Change of Journey
LumoFlex Fee-free refunds available pre-departure date. Non-refundable on or after date of travel. Fee-free before or on date of travel, subject to fare difference. Changes cannot be made after your journey has departed. Lumo services only, LumoFlex tickets are not exchangeable for tickets with other train operators.
LumoAny* Fee-free refunds available pre-departure date. Refundable on or after date of travel, subject to a £10 admin fee. Fee-free before or on date of travel.
Changes cannot be made after your journey has departed.
Lumo services only, LumoAny tickets are not exchangeable for tickets with other train operators.

*Please note that with your LumoAny train ticket, your seat reservation will only be valid for your booked service.

Yes, you can change the date or time of your LumoFlex ticket however, it is only exchangeable with Lumo-only services and not with other train operators.

You can change your LumoFlex ticket fee-free up until the date of travel subject to fare difference. Changes can be made on the pre-departure date and before your journey time, however, this may be subject to an admin fee and fare difference. Changes cannot be made after your journey has departed.

Booking a LumoFlex ticket allows you to change your journey fee-free* without costing the earth. With a LumoFlex ticket, you get the flexibility to change your ticket time and date to any other Lumo train ticket before travelling with us. See refunds and ticket changes for more information.

*Subject to fare difference, and a £10 admin fee when changes are made on the day of travel.
If you have bought your train ticket direct from our Lumo website and would like to change your LumoFixed, LumoFlex and LumoAny ticket, you can do so in your account. Once you've logged in, go to payment details and select amend on the selected ticket. 

Lumo bookings can be changed to a different time and date up until the day of travel, subject to any differences in fare and a £10 admin fee depending on the ticket type. Terms and conditions apply.
  • LumoAny tickets are refundable fee-free before the date of departure. Refunds can be made on or after the date of travel but this will be subject to a £10 admin fee.
  • LumoFlex tickets are refundable fee-free up before the date of departure. Refunds cannot be made on or after the date of travel.  
  • LumoFixed tickets are fully non-refundable.

If you have bought a train ticket direct from Lumo, including LumoFixed, LumoFlex and LumoAny and would like a refund you can do so by heading to our refund webpage to receive a refund for the ticket you no longer require.

If you bought your ticket from a third party retailer we would advise you to request a refund directly from your point of purchase. Please note, refund requests for cancelled or disrupted services cannot be submitted until after your scheduled date of travel.

Here at Lumo, we understand our customers wish to keep their luggage close by, and that what they are travelling with is important, but depending on the size, this may not always be possible.  We encourage all our customers to travel light for their ease, safety and comfort as space is limited onboard.  We only allow customers to bring with them a maximum of ONE medium sized suitcase (height 63cm x width 41cm x depth 27cm) and ONE small bag, rucksack or holdall, that is small enough to fit either on your lap or under the seat in front of you (please read our Customer Charter, under 'When Travelling with Us' for more information or go to the Onboard Luggage Policy). Any luggage carried that exceeds these limits is carried at our discretion and may be refused or a charge can be imposed for additional items of luggage, or for excessively large or bulky items.


Plan, book your journey and track live train times. As well, with our route planner you can find the best way to get from your front door to your destination.

Tired of paper train tickets? Travelling with Lumo is even greener, with your e-ticket at your fingertips. Simply download the LumoGo app and select the Mobile Ticket option when you buy.

Our app is available for download for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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