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Heritage meets modernity.

Town Vibe

A historic market town in Northumberland dating back to the Neolithic period, Morpeth is now a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. Walking through the town and past the 400-year-old Clock Tower, you will find traditional farmers markets, charming shops and tearooms around one corner, and a hub of trendy modern bars and restaurants around another. Morpeth is home to The Chantry which houses the sole surviving English-made bagpipes. There are also areas of wild beauty in the woodland, parkland and riverside that cling to the town borders, as well as those further afield. The town is in the perfect location to call itself the entryway to the Northumberland coastal route, with multiple areas of outstanding beauty within a short distance.

Places to Visit

  1. Hadrian’s Wall - begun in the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian, this former defensive fortification of the province Britannia was built from AD 122 and stretched 73 miles from coast to coast.      
  2. Alnwick Castle & Gardens – dating back to the 1300s this historic castle boasts beautiful gardens which are an attraction in their own right. The castle was also featured in the early Harry Potter movies.
  3. Barters Books – a charming Instagram worthy second-hand books store in Alnwick. 
  4. Farne Islands & Seahouses – a cluster of islands, just off the coast of Northumberland. A fantastic place to see puffins and other seabirds up close.
  5. Cragside – an enchanting Victorian estate which was the first house in the world to have lights powered by hydroelectricity.

    Where to visit from Morpeth?

    • Warkworth - a picturesque village best known for its well-preserved medieval castle that became a tourist attraction as early as the 18th century.
    • Dunstanburgh Castle - one of England’s most atmospheric and inspiring castles, lies between the villages of Craster and Embleton. Accessed by a 1 mile walk from Craster.
    • Amble – a small town situated on the North Sea that's known for its beautiful harbour, marina and its proximity to beautiful beaches.
    • Alnwick – known for its castle and the surrounding gardens, Alnwick is steeped in magic. Make sure to book in advance to dine in the world famous treetop restaurant.
    • Bamburgh - this stunning castle on the Northumbrian coast is well worth a visit, the imposing structure is tempered by a beautiful sandy beach backdrop. 
    • Lindisfarne - also known as Holy Island, is one of the most notable sites of early English Christianity. The monastery was built by Irish monks who settled here in 635. Don’t forget to check tidal times before trying to cross the causeway.

    Morpeth station information:

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