• 06:23 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross due 10:46
  • 12:18 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh due 16:41
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Our People

Lumo is proudly from Newcastle, and our team are proud to be onboard to make your journey all the more better.
onboard train staff
onboard train staff

We are always learning and improving.

We have invested £2 million in a Training Academy to develop a fresh-thinking generation of onboard train staff, focused on customer wellbeing and onboard service, harnessing new technology and caring for vulnerable passengers. 

Our team is encouraged to continually learn and develop and is enrolled in an apprenticeship when they first join. We also have a high-quality induction programme, mentoring and support during the first 90 days of employment to set our team up for success.

We have clear and enforced people management based on structured PDP, PDDR, regular management time, mentoring and training, including benefits, rewards & recognition.

We are committed to our customers.

At Lumo the customer always comes first, and as such, all of our team, regardless of their role, will be trained to be able to act as Customer Experience Ambassadors to help deliver an enjoyable service to you when needed. 

Lumo Ambassadors
Lumo Ambassadors

We are an inclusive one-team culture.

We have b
uilt a culture of openness and co-working as one team, where the right behaviours are celebrated and everyone is valued for their input as individuals and as a team.