luggage on lumo train
lumo luggage storage on train

onboard luggage policy

we keep it light, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring all your essentials with you

Here at Lumo, we understand you may wish to keep your luggage close by, and that what you are travelling with is important, but depending on the size this may not always be possible. All customers can bring on board a maximum of ONE Small bag OR Holdall and ONE Medium suitcase (63 x 41 x 27cm). Golf clubs, sports equipment, musical instruments, and sports items that exceed the specified luggage dimensions are not allowed onboard.

Please note, luggage that exceeds these limits is carried at our discretion and you may be refused travel. A charge will be levied for conveying additional items of luggage, or for excessively large or bulky items. This will not exceed half a full adult standard fare for the entire train route. Any luggage unsafely stored overheard and not according to the dimensions provided is stored at your own risk and is a risk to others' safety.

Please use our LumoLuggage Courier Service to transport your items to your final destination.

what luggage to bring onboard
luggage onboard train

luggage & bulky items

Luggage including golfing and winter sports items, above 63x41x27cm (max. 2ft tall) are not allowed. Electronic riding suitcases are not permitted onboard.

bicycles & e-scooters

Bicycles & e-scooters are not accepted. Only foldable bikes, including foldable e-bikes, with a frame 90x68x40cm and 20" wheel, can be stored onboard.

pushchair onboard train

pushchairs & prams

Pushchairs and prams are welcomed onboard but will need to be collapsed and stored in the luggage storage areas.

where to store luggage
overhead luggage

small cabin-sized holdalls

Small holdalls can be stored on the overhead racks above your seat.

small bags and rucksacks 

Small bags and rucksacks can be placed under the seat for easy access.

passenger storing rucksack under train seat

medium-sized luggage 

Maximum 63 x 41 x 27cm suitcases stored on racks found in coaches B, C & D.


All customers can bring on board a maximum of ONE Small bag OR Holdall and ONE Medium suitcase (63 x 41 x 27cm). Please note, luggage that exceeds these limits is carried at our discretion and you may be refused travel and charged.
Luggage or items that obscure other passengers from sitting cannot be placed on seats. Luggage and belongings should also not obscure our ambassadors or passengers from walking through the carriages. Small bags and rucksacks can be placed under the seat for easy access. Small cabin-sized luggage should be stored overhead. Medium-sized suitcases should be stored in the luggage racks and storage areas on our trains in carriages B,C,D. Please note that any luggage exceeding the dimensions of a cabin-sized suitcase stored in the overhead racks unsafely or insecurely may be requested to be stored elsewhere by our staff due to safety reasons. 
Please seek assistance from our onboard Lumo ambassadors for advice on where to store your luggage. Our Lumo Luggage helpers can also be found on the train platforms or onboard during our busier services to help and direct you in the best way possible.
Sports equipment, including but not limited to golfing and winter sports items are not allowed onboard.


Enjoy a lightweight and hassle-free journey without all the extra baggage. For an additional cost, our door-to-door luggage courier service delivers any bags that cannot fit onboard our trains (that is, if you’re taking more than one small bag and a suitcase). We take your luggage from your front door right to your hotel, accommodation, or wherever you choose. 

Pack luggage
Pack luggage


LumoLuggage lets you enjoy the convenience of a door-to-door delivery service for luggage and sports equipment. Any onboard luggage you bring must comply with our onboard policy requirements and is separate and is not included in the total weight of LumoLuggage items. See below for weight restrictions.

All sports equipment not permitted onboard a Lumo service, is permitted with LumoLuggage courier service. Including but not limited to: bikes/e-scooters, kayaks, canoes, golf clubs, surfboards, skis/boots and snowboards.

Want to give LumoLuggage a go? Get a quote today using our online form. You can also find out more about booking train baggage for delivery by getting in touch with us today!

Are you a student moving into halls? Do you plan to travel with lots of equipment? LumoLuggage lets you bring everything you need in a single trip.

The easiest way to organise your door-to-door courier service is to buy your train tickets online. Once your tickets with Lumo have been confirmed, you can start booking your items for delivery through a link we’ll send in a pre-departure email or through getting a Quick Quote above. Here, you can let us know the size/weight of your luggage, your pick-up/drop-off locations, and your arrival date. We will then give you a price estimate for you to think over or go ahead and complete your purchase.

We will then advise on a potential collection (this might be a day before your Lumo journey). On the day of collection, our door-to-door luggage courier service will collect your bags from your home, hotel or accommodation and drop them off at your destination address – all you need to do is enjoy your train journey!

Remember to complete this process at least 2 working days before your intended collection date if you want to use LumoLuggage. 

LumoLuggage couriers don't just collect from your permanent address (house, flat etc.) but also from hotels, holidays rentals and other forms of temporary accommodation you may be staying in during your travels. 
Standard collection times for your luggage and other items are Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.30 UK time.
You book based on estimated weights and dimensions. But, we advise to measure accurately, this should be done from the widest, highest and longest points including bulges, wheels and handles. You can enter the weight and dimensions in any order which will alter the price accordingly.

If any single dimension of any item type measures more than 120cms these items are classified by DHL, FEDEX, TNT and UPS as ‘Oversize Piece’ and attract a surcharge. 

Maximum size of one item = 240cms

The heaviest single item you can ship is 68kg/50lb.
A minimum of two working days prior to the date of collection for online bookings or the day of collection when booking by telephone for most shipments if you have access to email and a printer to print off the Air Waybills. However wherever possible, three working days or more to allow preparation and postage of travel documents to you. If you have a last-minute order please email or use the form here.
  • Animals (including birds, fish, insects, larvae, pupae etc.)
  • Animal products (including but not limited to ivory, fur and garments trimmed with fur)
  • Antiques and art works
  • Bullion
  • Complete firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons
  • Dangerous / hazardous goods (including but not limited to perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols, flammable substances, loose lithium batteries, dry ice, biological substances, UN classified dangerous goods and any goods specified as such under International Air Transport Association regulations (“ATA”), the Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road (“ADR”) or International Maritime Dangerous Goods (“IMDG”) regulations.
  • Flowers and plant products
  • Human remains or ashes
  • Illegal goods (these are goods which are considered illegal in the origin, the transit points and / or the destination countries and would include but not be limited to pirated goods, counterfeit goods and narcotics)
  • Imitation (replica) firearms, toy guns, weapons, explosive devices or ammunition
  • Medical samples (including but not limited to bodily fluids and tissue samples)
  • Negotiable instruments in bearer form (including but not limited to bank notes, currency, vouchers)
  • Perishable items that require a temperature controlled environment
  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • Tobacco
  • Foodstuffs, perishable food articles and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control, including, but not limited to: Wine, Beer, Spirits and Champagne.
  • Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind or packages wrapped in Kraft paper.
  • Knives and/or sharp objects
  • Fragile items (including but not limited to crockery and china, any item containing glass, televisions, computers, data storage devices, paintings) unless professionally and adequately packed and wrapped.
Simply have your items ready to go, with the Air Waybill luggage label attached to each individual item. Golf Bags, Bicycles, Skis, Snowboards and Ski Boots must be packed in an airline compatible case or cover.
For prices and availability of weekend collection or delivery please email or use the form

Simple, email or use the form here.

Please remember standard collection times are Mon – Fri 09.00 to 17.30.

Yes, if you ship four or more items you receive a 5% discount. Your multiple piece discount is calculated when you place your booking and is automatically included in your total price. Multiple piece discounts are not available for extra large sports equipment.

In the unlikely event that your luggage is not delivered on time and you have booked our Priority Service, LumoLuggage will credit you in full if your luggage arrives later than the agreed date.

The above delivery guarantee does not apply in the following circumstances: if you pack any prohibited items, or through Force Majeure, or in any country that requires customs formalities, or if you have booked our Economy Service.

If your delivery date is very time sensitive then we recommend allowing one to two extra working days due to possible delays resulting from Customs high volumes.

You can contact us by phone +44 20 3868 9144 and email