Find out about assisted travel, mobility help & accessible facilities for wheelchairs. We want all our passengers to have an enjoyable and relaxing journey.

We want to provide service excellence, including an easy and convenient way for everyone to travel.  If you think you will need some help for your trip, you can plan it in advance with the help of our dedicated Passenger Assist team.  Assistance can be arranged to help you with accessing the station, where staffed, getting on and off the train and carrying your luggage.

Please note that Passenger Assistance is not affected due to Coronavirus Restrictions.

If you haven’t booked Passenger Assist before coming to the station, you can still use the Turn Up And Go service offered at the station.  The station team will be able to assist you on or off the train and provide you with the help you need.  Please bear in mind that this service is dependent on the availability of the station colleagues as they might need to finish some of their duties before being able to assist you.

Dedicated wheelchair user spaces and priority seating are available on board our trains and can be reserved by using the Passenger Assistance app which can be found in your app store or by contacting our Passenger Assist team on 0800 031 8542.  To make sure that our colleagues can give you the best service and notify you if there is anything that will affect your journey we recommend booking assistance before 22:00 the day before travel or six hours before your journey for same day travel.

From 1st April 2022 we will reduce this further to two hours prior to the time of travel, noting that whilst this refers to assistance in general, we may not always be able to guarantee the availability of the wheelchair user space in cases where a train may have left its origin station where reservations are uploaded and displayed before a booking for a wheelchair user space has been made.  Wheelchair user spaces are limited so we will expect prams and luggage to be moved to ensure access for wheelchair/scooter users, so that they can be accommodated.  Our colleagues will request that items left in these areas are promptly removed and stored in an alternative area.

Full details of our ‘Accessible Travel Policy’ policy, which provides details of our commitments to making our services accessible, can be viewed here.  You can also download our passenger leaflet ‘Making Rail Accessible’ here, or alternatively by calling the Passenger Assist team, or at staffed stations at which we call.

We also offer an alternative guide specifically designed for people with autism.  You can find it on www.lumo.co.uk and download it or print it at your leisure.


We offer our Accessible Travel Policy in alternative formats, specifically:

  • Audio
  • Large Print
  • Easy Read
You can ask for an alternative format by contacting our Customer Experience team or Passenger Assist team.  We will respond to your request within 7 days.

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Accessible Travel Policy

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