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Just got off the train? Here for a long day ahead or a quick city stay? Stasher has got you covered! To make your stay even more convenient, we recommend using Stasher, our trusted partner for luggage storage. With thousands of locations in over 600 cities worldwide, including London and Edinburgh, Stasher offers safe and secure storage for your bags starting at just £3.65 per day/bag. Stasher includes 24/7 Customer Support and comprehensive insurance up to £2,500 for all luggage against theft, loss or damage.
stasher luggage by train
stasher luggage by train
stasher has got you covered!
store your luggage safely
starting from just £3.65/day
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Book online via the stasher website by clicking the link below.

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Retrieve your bags later, following a day of hassle-free travel as easy as 1-2-3.

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Jump off the train and stash your luggage safely at over 4100+ stashpoints.


Looking for luggage storage? Look no further! Find Stasher within a number of shops and hotels who have extra secure space. Book through the website or app for a convenient Stashpoint. Upon booking, you'll receive a confirmation email. Simply show it on your phone to the host when dropping off your luggage and remember to bring photo ID.
Stasher only work with trusted partners through a rigorous screen process adhering to their policy. Each Stashpoint ensures your luggage is stored in a securely locked room. Stasher also guarantee each bag for up to £2,500 in the unlikely case that anything gets lost, damaged, or stolen.
Stasher don’t charge by size, just by numbers of bags - one price fits all! You can contact Stasher here if you have any specific requirements. When travelling with Lumo, any luggage you do bring to your next destination will have to adhere to our onboard luggage policy.

It's always advisable to book in advance, but it is possible to book the day before or on the same day. Most of our places have lots of space for bags so you can book last minute here.
Yes, place another booking for the extra days/bags and email with your original and new booking IDs. Stasher will then update the host of the extra days and/or bags booked!
Suitcases can be stored typically, but it is possible to store bikes, sports equipment and strollers too upon special request when you contact Stasher via email.
Stasher ensure your luggage is always kept with safety as their top priority, it is still strongly advised that you not to store travel documents, keys or valuable electronics (e.g. phones, passport) that might be essential on your trip. The full list of prohibited items can be on the stasher website here.

In order to be covered in the event of damage or theft make sure you do not pay cash directly to the Stashpoint, because we will only be able to cover items booked through Stasher. Paying directly to Stashpoints is a violation of our terms and conditions.
You can cancel any booking until the drop-off window begins. Log in, go to 'My Bookings,' and select the one to cancel for a refund. After the drop-off time, refunds are only possible in special circumstances, like a delayed flight. For such cases, email with documentation (e.g., screenshot of delay or new booking ID).
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lumo passengers with luggage in train station
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