• 06:23 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross due 10:46
  • 12:18 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh due 16:41
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We're reimagining the rail industry, and here's why.

Excellent question.

Everything from the seats, to our single class system, to the plant based food we serve has been designed with our passengers wellbeing in mind. 

So here is a guide as to what Lumo is and definitely isn’t:

Lumo isn’t planet irresponsible - Lumo is green*

*Well, technically our trains are blue. But you know what we mean.  

Did you know that flights between Edinburgh and London represent over 50% of all domestic flights in the UK and are over 6 times more polluting than our electric trains?

We wholeheartedly care about the planet and a lot of people regularly take flights from London to Edinburgh and we think that’s madness. It’s why our trains are 100% electric. 

So with Lumo, you can relax all the way from London to Edinburgh knowing that your journey isn’t costing the earth. And it really isn’t...  

Lumo isn’t a confusing class system - Lumo is inclusive

We believe all of our passengers should be treated as equals, which is why we have a single class system and everyone is treated the same, as standard. 

Lumo isn’t expensive - Lumo is great value

We don’t believe that you should pay extra for service, comfort or indeed the ability to do the right thing for the environment. 

And if you do book with us, our digital systems will recognise you, and that you are part of the Lumo travel revolution and reward your loyalty without you having to do a thing.

Lumo isn’t stress - Lumo is wellbeing

Did you know that 33% of people who travel on public transport, at any given time, are suffering from anxiety and stress?

We have researched the 5 states of wellbeing and have built our service around the key areas of mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing to ensure that you can arrive positively ready at your destination. Through a programme of holistic design of both our trains and our service, we provide a new and innovative approach to ensuring your ease and comfort throughout your journey with us.

From easy-to-use booking services, to seats you want to sit on, with ergonomic design and personal lighting to help you relax, all delivered in journeys between London and Edinburgh of just over 4 and half hours.

Lumo isn’t guards - Lumo is ambassadors

We did away with the title of train guards, it felt like a bit of a killjoy if we’re honest. We like to call them Customer Experience Ambassadors - they’re a personable bunch, who will tend to your every need and even know your name when you travel with us. With access to a wealth of digital systems, they will ensure your journey is personalised, to enhance your experience with Lumo.

Lumo isn’t "food as fuel" - Lumo is LumoEats

A modern service needs to cater for a modern appetite, so we’ve made sure that at least 50% of our menu is plant based. It’s good for you and the planet. Take a look at our LumoEats page for more information.

Lumo isn’t basic - Lumo is comfort

Other than the wheels, there is probably nothing more important on a train than the seats. Not only do ours use premium fabric that actually feels nice to sit on, we’ve made sure they’re really comfortable, and have been ergonomically designed and tested to promote blood flow so you don’t lose feeling in your feet as you enjoy the ride.

We believe that if all our passengers get on board, the whole train industry will too. Lumo will make sure you

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